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“People oriented” is the key to enterprise talent team building, the development of Multi-Union is due to devotion and support of every team member. We are committed to creating a vigorous, aggressive, win-win and fair working environment. We evaluate personal career development of every employee, and through the company built service resource platform, we timely master the latest and cutting edge technology and information, and offer helps continuously to the growth of our staffs.
Our company has a team of engineers with professional, superb skills and superior service consciousness, they use their rigorous craftsman spirit to provide our partners with professional solutions, and guarantee our customers trouble free, enjoy the attentive, value-added professional service, and win a good reputation and high recognition from the industry for our company. When the personal capability of our staffs was improved, it improves our enterprise competitiveness at the same time and continuously improves our customer satisfaction thus truly realizes the win-win cooperation.

1.The equality of pay and get, rights and responsibilities, efforts and opportunities;
2.Our company will always stay together with every staff who takes effort to make progresses;
3.Our company provides staffs with development opportunities, staffs contribute their share to company development;
4.Grass-roots staffs should have a sense of responsibility, middle managers a desire to advance, senior management entrepreneur spirit;
5.Enterprise should be responsible for staffs, and staffs to be loyal to enterprise;
6.Don't suspect a person we use, as trust is the premise of efficiency; strengthen supervision, as supervision is the safeguard of trust;
7. We respect talents, but we won’t indulge talents.

Employees are the most precious resource of Multi-union and the basic guarantee for achieving our company goals. Therefore, our company management believes it’s important to create a sound organization structure and working environment for employees, including:
•Respect for Personal Value- To encourage employees to perform their highest level in a working environment full of motivation, fair competition and mutual cooperation. Employees’ personal rights should be respected. Supervisors and managers shall communicate with employees timely, frankly and both ways, and shall be responsible for their work performance and development.
•Inspire Employees’ Personal Potential- Through appropriate work arrangements and clear development orientation, Multi-union enables employees to reach their highest potential in coordination with the cooperation of the supervisors, managers and whole company.
•Provide Equal Development Opportunities-We believe that excellent employees deserve reasonable returns. The company should carefully evaluate employees’ performance by establishing standards, and gives appropriate praises, recognitions and rewards.

Training Opportunity: To encourage employees to improve their own working capability, our company provides a wide range of internal training courses. Meanwhile we regularly invite our suppliers to give us training courses on product knowledge, and we also select our administrative staffs and engineers to receive training, and invite the external lecturer to improve our administrative ability.
Promotion MechanismOur company follows the employing principle: Find the right staffs and give them opportunities. With the vertical and horizontal development in our company, we diversify the staffs’ career development channels, to allow our staffs have more development opportunities. When vacancies are available, our company will firstly consider those existing eligible employees to take over the positions. Meanwhile our company always discovers and trains the core talents, and implements the employee stock ownership system, better to reflect he personal value of our staffs.

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