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    Lingzhong Engine Co., LTD. (SME) is a joint venture between Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Of Japan. The company is located in No. 2630 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai (the factory of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., LTD.), and started production in 2013. The production program is to produce 5000 SETS of SR diesel engines each series annually, which is expected to reach the production program goal by 2020.

    At present, THE SME mainly produces the S6R2 / S12R /S16R /S16R2 series engines licensed by MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries with the power range of 500kW to 2000kW, whose technology, production and quality are always in sync with mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

   SR series products are the main products of the non-road industrial engines produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Besides the local factories in Japan, the factories in France also produce the same series of products. Mainly used for land power station, Marine main engine and auxiliary engine. The products sell well in European and American markets and are highly recognized by users in China. On the platform of this series of diesel engines, there are land power stations meeting THE EMISSION standards of EPA2 in the United States and Marine diesel engines meeting the emission standards of IMO2.

   Thanks to mitsubishi Heavy Industries' integrated fuel system and engine development, SMES achieve optimal performance, high power, high stability, low emission power output, and always reliable. No matter what field you are in, SME will always provide you with reliable power supply and power guarantee.

Economic performance advantages

Excellent combustion chamber design

High-pressure direct injection technology

Advanced turbocharger

High-efficiency cooling system

Ease of maintenance

Independent cylinder head

Large cover in body sides, easy to repair

Easily replaceable oil and fuel filter

No auxiliary component needs separate lubrication

Three key components researched and produced by MHI

High-pressure oil pump,


Fuel injector 

High reliability

Piston cooling nozzle, so that the piston temperature is lower, with the shock cooling oil chamber and the back cooling.

Crank shaft and shaft neck quenching, to increase its abrasion resistance

Coated aluminum bearing, improve the corrosion resistance good encapsulation by coating

Smooth and steady

Combustion at high injection pressure, mild combustion of high atomizing fuel

Middle support cylinder sleeve, to control the deformation and vibration due to piston impact

Firm crank case, a firm support for main bearing, constituted of ribbed crankcase skirt and a structure with side bolt 

High power

Air inlet with high flow coefficient, tangent – flow type single air duct

MHI produced turbocharger with high supercharge ratio, high compression ratio with efficient diffuser

High-pressure pump MHI manufactured by 1200 kg / cm2 (120MPa) high injection pressure for fast and clean burning 

Optimized combustion

Supercharged air cooling system, various engine different cooling system, PTA (After-cooler), PTAA (Air-to-Air cooler)

Turbocharger, MHI produced turbocharger with high supercharge ratio

Fuel nozzle, high-flow nozzle

Fuel injection pump, MHI produced high-pressure fuel injection pump

Cam shaft, optimum valve timing

Piston, best compression ratio and combustion-chamber shape

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