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    Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd(shorted as TLEL), which is located at Beichen Science and Technology Industrial Park of Tianjin, is a modern diesel engine manufacturer consisting of research and exploration, manufacturing, sales and service. Products of Lovol engines are widely applied to vehicle, engineering& machinery equipment, power units, agriculture equipment, and marine auxiliary equipment. Lovol Engines products are well sold to more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad such as Europe, Middle East, South America and Africa.

    In order to satisfy the increasing demand for diesel engines of low emission, high performance, low oil consumption and high reliability in domestic and international markets, Lovol Engines, since 2009, subsequently invested huge capital to introduce internationally leading manufacturing equipment and top production lines and to adopt globally advanced technique plans and technique lines to build new research & exploration and manufacturing base which is top at home and abroad, resulting in annual capacity of 160,000 sets, of which 100,000 sets are sold to overseas markets and gain an income of over RMB 4 billion Yuan; After the second stage of project is finished, the annual capacity will reach 460,000 sets and sales income will exceed RMB 15 billion Yuan.

    Lovol Engines now has over 100 types of more than 300 kinds of products with power coverage of 25-350kW such as B/D series of highway and 1000/1100 series for off-highway, forming product pattern of wide range and multiple specifications and various advantages such as great power, compact structure, good reliability and duration, low noise and low oil consumption. Aiming at demand of highway market, Lovol B/D series engines can adopt various technology lines such as electrically-controlled mono-block pump, electrically-controlled common rail and alternative fuel. The whole series reaches State III and IV emission standards and has State V emission technology reserves. Lovol gas engines have reached Europe IV emission standard and have Europe V technology reserves; 1000/1100 series of diesel engines for off-highway application can satisfy American Tier3 emission ad till now is the only domestic brand for off-highway application that realized batch sales to international market.

    Lovol engages in scientific and technology innovation and strives for a happy life, believes that science and technology can create future. Lovol subsequently established cooperation with nationally and internationally famous combustion research and development institutes such as BOSCH of Germany, AVL of Austria, Southwest Research Institute of America, China Automotive Technology & Research Center and Tianjin University, from introduction, digestion & absorption and design & exploration to innovation of classic engine with modern leading technology to create use value and social value of “powerful and durable” and “energy saving and emission reduction” for various clients.

* High Power Density: More power than competitive models at similar displacement, the power of 3-cylinder can reach 4-cylinder level of competitor.
* Low Fuel Consumption: Adopt European patent combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise. Meanwhile, increase engine power.
* Good Cold Start Performance: Start normally at -10oC without preheating device. Start smoothly at -25oC through flame preheating device.
* Stability & Reliability: Stable and reliable engine performance, with good market feedback.

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