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    GEB series is an intelligent parallel control system, it can apply for island mode, multi-unit parallel operation mode or parallel operation with grid, running in parallel mode will automatically realize frequency tracking, synchronous breaker switch on, active and reactive load sharing, different power rating gen-set paralleling, engine and  generator monitoring, protection and fault diagnosis function.  The control system is with two working modes for selection: emergency and normal use. Both of two working modes are able to control for parallel operation, normal use mode can be running at manual or automatic two status.

General Feature

1)  Power generation unit operation parameters monitor

2)  Status indicator   

3)  Protection

4)  Emergency stop

5)  Protection for load input/resection

6)  Start operating mode

7) The controller support multi-languages.

8) IG-IB link between multi-unit gen-sets for PC monitor(option).

9) History record:

10)Load smooth transition for minimum discharge, to ensure the gen-set system operation normally when running at any mode.

11)Meeting international standard communication model and communication protocol CAN, J1939 are available.   

12) According to cumulative operation time difference, switching the gen-set on duty to balance the total running hours.

13) Support AirGate technology and WebSupervisor monitoring.

14)  Power management.

15)  Protection for alternator lose excitation.

16) Automatic synchronization for multi gen-sets running at parallel mode, active/reactive load sharing, power management, and maximum 32 units can be parallel within one group.   

17)  Automatic switching between island(SPI) mode, parallel(SPTM) mode and parallel with grid(MINT) mode according to application need.   

18)  Dual backup system enable to achieve uninterrupted power switching.

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