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GLB Series Load Banks

    The electric load bank is a simulation load test equipment used for gen-set, UPS, battery banks etc electric power system.

    Today, electric load bank has been widely used as test equipment for gen-set manufacturer, gen-set service provider, electric power user or as a part of power system, such as:  

● For standby gen-set routine maintenance or functional test, hence, the gen-set maintenance or functional test will never impact the electricity supply, easy schedule and service with efficiency.

●Use simulation load bank for maintenance or functional test, to avoid the unknown factor of the standby power impact online electric equipment(can cause online electric equipment damage if the standby gen-set failsto start).  

●For electric power load capacity test.

●Flexible to add of resection the load to meet the load test scope, easy expand.

● Optimize the load power, extend the diesel engine life ( if the engine carries the load less than 60% of nominal load for long time, because of  insufficient burning of diesel, event cause gen-set failure due to low load).      

    With more than 10 years application experience in gen-set industry , and refer to international similar product technology, plus our creative and optimization design, there are multispecies, multifunction and series product available for customer needs, we use advanced design tools for GLB series load bank development, so it contain with rich experience, excellent feature, meeting most of application needs.   

● Horizontal airflow, axial cooling, low noise, less temperature rise.

● Industry class axial cooling fan, single or 3 phase selectable.  

●Power consumption material is made by special alloy resistance material, manufacturing process with strict control,good dispersion, no fire, safe &reliable.

● Different IP class designs for different application environment.

● Friendly human-computer interface matched as per practical application

● Special design and customized production to meet customer non-standard need.

● Material of cabinet board powder and coating quality.

●Cold-roll steel sheets, industrial standard spray baking, moisture proof, heat-resisting, anti-corrosive

●Compliance with GB and military test standard, be able to handle 25%, 50%,75%, 100% and 110% loadtest, or adjust power segmentation as percustomer needs, to realize the application simulation of power at different working conditions.  

● Gen-set system R & D load test and pre-delivery test

● Standby gen-set routine maintenance test.

● Optimize the load power, to avoid gen-set engine failure due to underload.

● Load capacity test for AC power supply.

● Acceptance test for electric power supply project, or used to judge the electric power supply equipment for scrap.  

● Used for UPS product R & D load test, pre-delivery inspection and maintenance.

● Load profile optimization test for power supply system.

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